Predator FAST G4

Predator FAST G4
Predator FAST G4 Predator FAST G4 Predator FAST G4 Predator FAST G4 Predator FAST G4 Predator FAST G4
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The Predator FAST (Facial Armor SysTem) G4 is the newest generation of the G Series Armor Systems designed and manufactured by MTek Weapon Systems. While the G3A was designed for vehicle mounted convoy operations, it was put to the test in a multitude of tasks while issued out for combat operations by the U.S. Army in both Iraq and Afghanistan. With technological advancements made with both the design and the manufacturing process we were able to develop the G4 into the strongest, lightest, and most user friendly maxillofacial protection system on the market today! Our advancements combined with feedback direct from end-users' enabled us to create what we believe is the most compatible protection system available with your currently issued gear. The G4 still boasts an impressive protection level that meets or exceeds that of the current issued Army Combat Helmet (ACH) and the Marine Corps Lightweight Helmet (LWH), while weighing less then ONE Lbs.

Even at less than ONE lb the G4 (just like it's predecessor) can stop lead core AK rounds (7.62x39) at 25 feet!! 

Save on both the Versa ACC Rails and the MWS Blast Visor when you add them to any FAST Shield order!


*Helmet not included. * Shown with optional Accessories *Versa only available in Foliage Green at this time.

Predator FAST G4 Weight Breakout
Ballistic Mandible Mounting Interface Total System Weight (Lbs)
0.7 .58 1.28





V⁵⁰ V⁰
2gr RCC 4gr RCC 16gr RCC 17gr FSP 64gr RCC 124gr 9mm FMJ
4200 ft/s 3475 ft/s 2475 ft/s 2200 ft/s 1750 ft/s 1400 ft/s (+50/-0)

The FAST G4 meets or exceeds the following fragmentation protection - minimum V⁵⁰ ballistic protection limits (V⁵⁰BL(P))

2007 ACH CO/PD-05-04

≥NIJ IIIA 0106.01

What's in the box:


•Versa Mounts (With the new G4 Mask Interface)

•Mounting Bolts

•Instruction Manual


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